When designing a custom toy hauler for transporting your recreational equipment, you should take versatility into account. In general, versatility can be defined as the ability of the haulage trailer to be adapted to different transportation roles. If the custom hauler is not versatile, its uses will be limited, and you will not be able to get the optimal benefits of the acquisition. On the other hand, if you design the trailer with flexibility in mind, you will ensure efficiency during the period of use. Here are essential guidelines to help you design a versatile toy hauler.  

1. Understand Your Suspension Options

Most people overlook the importance of choosing the right suspension for their trailer. The choice of suspension will influence the appearance, comfort and capacity of the hauler. Therefore, you should compare the different offerings before commissioning the fabrication of the trailer. Leaf spring suspension is the most common option because it is simple and practical. The design distributes the load well and minimises frame stress.

Unfortunately, there are strict weight and size constraints. Slipper style springs have an advantage in terms of stability and can handle high weight well. However, they tend to be noisy. Torsion axles are favourable because they are compact, providing more flexibility in design. You should also inquire about the less common coil springs and transverse leaf springs. Additionally, when choosing your suspension, you should decide whether to install shock absorbers for a smoother ride.

2. Choose the Right Wheels and Tyres

You should identify the ideal wheels for your custom toy hauler for optimal performance and comfort. There are trailer specific products on the market. You can choose these tyres and trailers if you are looking for an expedient and inexpensive transportation solution. However, there are advantages of designing your trailer for automotive tyre use. Auto tyres are strong, wide and resilient. Therefore, they will provide exceptional support to heavy loads while maintaining stability on the road. In addition, vehicle tyres are more attractive than the trailer specific alternatives.

3. Consider the Containment Design

Finally, you should determine the best design for containing your loads on the toy hauler. The design of the transportation structure will have a huge impact on the usefulness of the trailer. Under ideal circumstances, the trailer should have covered sides and a top. This design will provide complete protection to the recreational equipment being hauled. You will not need to worry about dust and rain. However, if the sides and tops are open or removable, the trailer will be able to handle larger loads.

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