If you manage a community sports group, then you know the importance of finding locations that already have certain pieces of equipment in place, such as goal posts. In some areas this can be harder to find than it first seems. If you purchase portable goal posts, you can open your options to event locations for your team sports. Here are three things to look for when choosing portable goal posts and finding the right ones for your community sports group.

Construction Options

The first thing you want to look for with portable goal posts is if the goal post is folding or if it dismantles. This could make a big difference in the type of portable option you choose. For example, the folding option means that the pieces may pull apart slightly and fold inwards but remain connected via a wire or rope of some kind. An option that you dismantle means that you take each piece apart and must store them in some way to ensure you keep all the parts together and do not misplace them. The advantage to the dismantling portable goal post is the ability to replace parts if they become damaged.

Secure Posts or Weighted Posts

The weight of the goal post will matter greatly. If you purchase a weighted portable goal post, it will likely have either weighted base parts or it will come with a special weighted base that the goal post attaches to. This can become very heavy and can require more than one person to lift depending on the size and style of the goal post. Another option to consider is a secure posting option that will help tie down and secure the goal post into the ground. The ground spikes offer the ability to set up the goal post on your own. The weighted posts will give you more security during the game and will hold up under heavy winds.

Multi-Tasking Goal Posts

If you have several community activities that you manage, you may want to go with a multi-tasking goal post option. This means that the configuration can be changed to work with various outdoor sports and age groups. Though these can be more expensive, they do offer more versatility and allow you to limit your goal post purchases rather than having a set for each event and for age groups. Multi-tasking goal posts also allow you to stay within budget.

When you are ready to purchase portable goal posts, ensure you have a list of your needs and of the possible locations where you would be using the goal posts. This will help determine the final options available to you and how well they would work with your needs.

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