If you need to have small parts, large machinery, or any other types of items manufactured for your business, you need to find a metal fabrication shop. Luckily, there are a variety of shops to choose from. To narrow down their options, typically, businesses approach these shops with some preliminary information. Then, the metal fabricators bid on the project, and you choose which fabricator is best for your needs. When approaching metal fabricators for bids, you need the following details.

1. List of Processes Needed

Before you start approaching metal fabricators, make a list of the processes you need. Working with metal can involve a variety of elements, from cutting and shaping the metal to welding and forming. You may also have specific ideas on how you want some of these elements to take place. For instance, you may want extrusion methods utilised when forming your metal, or you may prefer cold rolling or another method.

When you outline all these processes, the metal fabricators can look through your list and let you know if they offer those services. Additionally, if they offer those services but they've already lined up contracts that are tying up the equipment you need, they can also let you know about those potential time conflicts.

2. Engineered Drawings

Ideally, you should also have engineered drawings of your final projects. These drawings should be done by a professional with experience in this industry. They should include precise measurements, lists of types of metals involved and any other project expectations that you can convey visually.

3. Outline of Your Timeline

You don't want to be in a situation where a metal fabricator bids, you give them the job and then you find out that they can't produce the goods in the time that you need them. To avoid that eventuality, you need an outline of your timeline. So that you can get bids that are as accurate as possible, detail what you want created, the quantities you need and how soon you need them.

4. Source Requirements

Do you have any strong opinions on where the metal should come from? For instance, do you want most of it sourced as locally as possible to save fuel in transport and minimise environmental impact? Ideally, you should also outline that in the materials that you bring to the metal fabricator. Then, when they give you a bid, they can let you know if they can meet those expectations.

Add any additional details, such as budget considerations, as desired. Then, to get started, contact a metal fabricator with the information above and ask them to bid on your project.